allroof-contractors 24-Hour Roof Repair Emergency Service Do not hesitate! If you want to prevent additional damage to your roof, it is important to act immediately. We can help you!
Contact Storm Damage Roof Repair Experts for additional information regarding getting your home back into shape.
When it rains, it pours and when it’s pouring into your business or home, time is your worst enemy. If you need emergency services, call ALLROOFS Inc. at any hour of the day. Call us immediately

24-Hour Roof Repair Emergency Service

Get in touch with us today and get your disaster recovery process started: Mitigation Process

  • Emergency Contact & Dispatch

Contact the ALLROOF’S professionals for same-day service.  We are there to assist you in post-disaster home restoration, anytime you need any help!

  • Emergency Reinforcement

Prior to remediation, it is essential to reinforce and secure your home.  ALLROOF’S will strengthen up your structure, board windows, and cover holes.

  • Inspection

A certified ALLROOF’S serviceman will inspect your roof damage and in order to evaluate and identify the correct mitigation approach.

  • Insurance Adjuster Review

ALLROOF’S can assist you as you maneuver through the insurance claim filing process for your home.  We will closely collaborate with your insurance company to ensure you and your family may return home quickly.

  • Restoration

After the crisis is taken care of, restoration may be discussed.  Share all of your needs with us, from repainting to rebuilding.

No matter what storm damage you may have experienced, we are fully prepared to help.

Contact us for:

  • 24/7 emergency services
  • Emergency board up
  • Reconstruction services
  • Insurance repair assistance
  • Storm damage assessment
  • Water damage repair
  • Structural stabilization
  • Tree Removal
  • Wind damage repair

Professional Roof Tarping

Is your roof leaking or do you have broken windows?  Allow ALLROOFS Inc. to board up your windows or tarp your roof.
As a leading roofing company with over 10 years of experience specializing in emergency board ups and roof tarping, we have seen everything.  We have assisted many business owners and homeowners like yourselves.  Rest assured that ALLROOFS Inc. will secure your property against further loss.  Additionally, we can assist you in any necessary office or home reparations.

Our Emergency Tarp Service includes:
+ Emergency Response 24/7
+ Free Leak Detection
+ Full Home (interior) Moisture Inspection


​What should you do when your roof suffers storm damage?

ALLROOFS Inc. will gladly tend to your roofing requirements as soon as possible.  There are a few steps you can take before we arrive.
After the storm passes, assess your home’s situation from the ground.

Contact your insurance provider to discuss any possible damage claims requiring roof repair. We will guide you through the insurance process once we have evaluated the condition of your roof.  Our top priority is to assist you in obtaining 100% insurance coverage to repair the damages your home has suffered.
Be sure to properly document for your insurance company any damage you observe and point it out to us upon our arrival.  We recommend doing so by taking photos, writing notes, or recording video.

DO NOT try to climb onto your roof for any reason. Your safety is incredibly important to us.  As an expert storm damage roofing company, we will carefully evaluate your damage situation when we arrive.

5 Most Common Types Of Damage Caused By Storms

The principal factors in storm roofing damage are wind, rain, and flying debris.  Whatever type of storm may have hit your home,
there are five common damage types that must be evaluated by professional roofing companies after the storm.


Extensive Storm Damage

Certain storms are so severe, they may tip over large objects or even uproot trees. If one of these large items should happen to land on your home, they will likely trigger the need for major house and roof structure rebuilding. ABC Roofing has vast experience repairing such leak issues.


Roof Leaks

Storms are often accompanied by strong, driving rain that can potentially exploit any flaws or weaknesses within your roofing structure. The tiniest of cracks may be susceptible to hard rain making its way into the roof structure causing leaks that seep all the way into your roof’s structure and even into your home’s interior. Leaks that are not repaired in a timely manner may lead to rot and mold sue to the moisture held in the ceiling and roof.


Roof Shingles or Tiles Which Become Loose, Damaged or Blown Off

Often, the combination of rain and strong winds that accompany storms have been known to cause damage to your home’s roofing materials and, in extreme cases, remove them entirely. Big debris pieces, like tree branches, may be tossed around by the wind during storms, also wreaking havoc on your roof shingles and tiles.


Clogged Gutters

Gutters do a fantastic job of catching most of the leaves, dirt, branches, and other debris that is commonly blown around during storms. After gutters have become clogged, rainwater is unable to drain properly and pulls up in the gutters. The water then overflows from the gutters and can potentially damage your walls as well as your roofing structure.


Missing or Moved Flashing

The purpose of roof flashing is to reinforce and protect the most vulnerable sections of your roof where water runoff may accumulate, or where two opposite sections of roofing come together. The high winds that come with storms may easily damage and/or remove flashing. Often, leaks triggered by missing or damaged flashing are relatively extensive and may cause significant internal damage to your home.

The Big After Storm Debate: Replace Or Repair Your Roof?

Making a decision about repairing or replacing a storm damaged roof or hail damage roof is incredibly difficult. As a leader among roofing companies, ALLROOFS Inc will provide professional assessment to determine the extent of your roofing damage and advise you as to which is your best option, replacement or repair.

If you already know that your roof has been destroyed in a recent storm, contact us at (866) 205-8833 so we may repair it for you ASAP. We offer emergency roof leak repair or replacement as well as preventative roof check-ups.


Confide in a Roof Storm Damage Expert

By trade, insurance agents are nowhere near roofing repair experts.  You should not expect them to pretend that they are either.  Ensure to have a complete and accurate inspection regarding whether or not a storm has damaged your roof.  The ‘or not’ is where we come in.  Only a professional roofer will be able to determine storm damage from other unrelated damage.  Although your intentions are good, mistakenly claiming damage that does not end up being storm-related may lead to fraud charges if discovered.

Professionals with experience in roofing damage are clear that an inspection is not simply visual and superficial.  A proper assessment involves the identification of more profound problems that may have been caused by the storm.  If said issues go unnoticed, they could lead to significant water damage or even major structural degradation as time passes.

Basically, an appropriate assessment by an expert professional will allow you to file your insurance claim with precision and assurance.

24 hours a day, 365 days a year, ALLROOFS Inc. emergency response crews are ready and waiting, with fully-equipped and certified roofer staffed vehicles, prepared to diagnose and repair leaks under the very worst of conditions.

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