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AllRoofs Inc. is the top roofing company serving both commercial roofing and residential roofing customers. For a reliable roofing company Chicago area that can help with any roofing issue, we are the number one choice. For more than 20 years, our roofing company has been providing quality, stylish, and sustainable energy-efficient roof replacement Chicago services. Unlike other roofing companies Chicago area, we help our customers lower their energy costs by providing a roofing system that is completely tax-deductible and environmentally friendly. Our roofing contractors can save you up to 30% on your monthly energy bills.
AllRoofs Inc. offers the highest quality service with extremely affordable roofing. This has always been the vision of our roofing company since our inception in 1994. As a roofing contractor himself, the owner envisioned every home and business with the best advanced roofing system without the high cost you would expect. Being in the roofing business for over two decades now, we make every house a home by ensuring each has a durable and long-lasting roof replacement Chicago.
Our roofing company Chicago uses only the finest quality roofing materials, so you can feel confident that your home or business is covered with the best roofing system possible. We provide innovative product solutions together with dependable and reliable roofing services by the finest in expert roofing. We are proud to bring excellent service and great savings to our customers.
At AllRoofs Inc., our roofing contractors Chicago are highly-trained in the latest innovations to provide our customers with world-class service for any roof replacement or roof repair Chicago. Coming to you with years of experience, our roofing contractors are ready with skills to handle any roofing issue, from roof repairs to roof replacements, and all with the best in advanced roofing systems. And our very accommodating staff is always available to help with your roofing inquiries.

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Our Service Include Roof Repair, Roof Replacement, and Much More!

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Commercial Roofing

For commercial roofing, AllRoofs Inc. is the roofing company that you can trust. We understand that each business owner wants to maximize profits for their business. Our expert roofing contractors can help your business save more with environmentally friendly commercial roofing systems designed to cut your energy bills. You can count on the best of the roofing companies Chicago area.

Residential Roofing Company Chicago

Our company makes sure that every customer gets outstanding service for a residential roof replacement or roof repair Chicago. Our roofing contractors are highly skilled to install a roof that lasts for years. We only use the best quality of materials so you receive the best roof possible.

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Roof Repair Chicago

It is inevitable that your roof will one day need roof repair Chicago service, which is why our roofing company is ready to handle whatever your roof needs. Our roofing contractors in Chicago have been providing roof repair services for many years, which proves that we provide the best roof repairs in the business.

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Our roofing company in Chicago doesn’t just do roofing. AllRoofs Inc. also presents window installation services and repairs for all kinds of residential and commercial properties. Our extremely skilled and experienced roofing contractors Chicago offer unmatched service for all your window needs. We make certain that your windows are designed and installed to last.

Metal Roofing

AllRoofs Inc. always finds innovative ways to provide the best service possible to our customers. If you are looking for a roofing system that is made to last, metal roofing is your answer. Our skilled roofing contractors in Norridge will offer a durable and less-maintenance roofing system to every business and home.

residential roofing


One of the most important parts of your residential roofing is the gutter. It ensures that your home is safe from any water damage, such as leaks. Our professional and expert roofers in Norridge have been providing every homeowner a sense of security by providing high-quality materials for your residential roofing.

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Storm Damage Roof Repair Chicago

You can’t control storm damage, which is why our roofing company in Chicago is here with expert storm damage roof repair. Your roof can get back to its solid condition upon the completion of our work. Our storm damage roof repair Chicago service is perfect for both residential roofing and commercial roofing. Let us take good care of your roof!


Siding is exposed to extreme weather conditions that can cause damage. AllRoofs Inc. has roofing contractors Chicago, as well as siding contractors that can provide the highest level of quality of service at an affordable price. We only use the best quality of materials to ensure that your siding is handled right. That’s why our roofing company in Chicago is the best solution in the area.

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FAQ About Roofing – Professional Roof Repair & Roof Replacement Chicago

Over the course of all our years of service, we have come across the same questions about roofing quite frequently. Our roofing company Chicago has compiled a list of some of the most common ones here. If you have any further questions, simply contact our professionals for more detail.

How do you know if you need a roof replacement Chicago?

Whether it’s commercial roofing or residential roofing, it should be replaced at about the 20 to 25-year mark. If you experience issues with your roof, call our professional roofing contractors Chicago for the right answers.

What is the best type of roof by our roofing company Chicago?

The popular choice for a new roof installation includes asphalt shingles and metal roofing. The most affordable roofing would be shingle. But for something more modern, unique, and durable, you may be looking for a metal roof replacement Chicago can count on our expert roofing contractors to provide the right roofing material that suits your home, your business, and your preference.

How long will it take for my roof replacement Chicago?

The time it takes to replace a roof depends on the building size, the type of roof used, and the roofing company Chicago handling the work. Commercial roofing and large residential roofing may take a little longer, but our roofing contractors work fast, ensuring as little impact on your routine as possible.

How long roofs last according to our roofers Chicago?

At your roof’s 20-year mark, it is best to call our roofing company in Chicago for a free estimate. Those who are proactive with a roof inspection can better plan for any roof replacement Chicago.

Why You Should Hire Our Professional Roofing Contractors Chicago Rather than DIY

One of the most important features of your home is the roof. It protects your house, your family, and your valuable possessions. So leaving roof repair Chicago to the professionals keeps you safe and guarantees a proper roof repair.

Experience Counts

When you hire our professional roofing company Chicago, you are investing in our skills and our experience. We do the job right from the very beginning and our reputable roofing contractors have years under their belts of providing incredible service, from total roof replacement to roof repair. We handle everything.


Our professional roofing contractors in Chicago are insured and bonded so you can feel confident in our services. Our roofers come equipped with the proper safety equipment and training to complete the project without incurring any injuries or causing damage. We are the leading reliable and trustworthy professional roofing company Chicago. 

Quality and Warranty Protection

Our professional roofing contractors Chicago bring you the highest quality materials that are perfect for your home or business, but this is also affordable roofing. Chicago residents can count on us to handpick the materials to make your roofing last for years. Our roofing company takes pride in providing top-quality and superior craftsmanship to our customers. We work hard to ensure our customers are happy with the service and the work.

Peace of Mind

Your roof repair or roof replacement can be a major home improvement project, and that can cause stress and anxiety in doing it yourself. However, we are the experienced roofing company Chicago that is licensed, giving you the peace of mind knowing that the work will be handled correctly and on time.

Why choose Our Roofing Company Chicago & Other Suburbs

How We Stay Ahead Other Roofing Companies Chicago

Your property, whether it’s your home or your business, is a major investment. So it’s essential to take care of your roof repair or roof replacement to provide complete protection. When your roof has a problem, you can count on our honest and reliable service, so in searching for roofing companies Chicago, know that you have found the best in the industry with our team of roofing contractors.
Our roofing company Chicago has provided professional roofing to so many for years, providing the highest quality roofers in the region. Our roofing contractors Chicago are experienced professionals, dedicated to combining customary building principles with new technology, as well as providing the top-level roofing system available on the market.
Whether you need commercial roofing or residential roofing, we use the finest products available. Our roofing contractors are thorough in determining exactly what the issue is on your roof. That way, you don’t have to waste precious time and money on a roof repair or roof replacement you don’t need.
So that our roofing contractors Chicago meet our high standards, we thoroughly inspect the work as it happens, and upon completion. You can count on our highly-trained professionals to deliver quick work with unparalleled quality.
As experienced roofing contractors Chicago, we can be there for you to handle small roof repairs or a complex roof replacement. Let us help you to choose the right roofing to maintain total protection and beauty for your business or your home. Call our roofing company Chicago today, and see what expert roofing is all about.

Our Roofing Process – High-Quality Affordable Roof Replacement Chicago

By Our Expert Roofing Contractors Chicago!

Contact us

When you call us, we promise to give you our full attention and make sure we understand every detail of your roofing issue. Our roofing company Chicago will establish the most convenient time to visit your property. This will allow us to become better acquainted, and to gather all the information necessary through an initial inspection, so that we may provide a clear estimate.


After our detailed inspection is complete, we will provide you with a quote, outlining all the work needed. This will let us know the current status of your roofing, so that we may address any issues found as we present the estimate. Because patching something up that requires much more than that simply will not work, it will be made clear if you need a roof repair or a roof replacement Chicago.


Roofing may not be understood by some, so we thoroughly and patiently explain our findings, along with all available options.
Through our inspection, we can relay all the information about your roofing that we can directly to you. We want you to have a safe, secure, and lasting roof for your home or commercial roofing. That’s what sets us apart from other roofing companies Chicago.


After the estimate has been discussed, you will have the opportunity to choose a date for our roofing contractors in Chicago to arrive and begin the work.
Your roofing project could be anything, from a minor roof repair Chicago to a complete roof replacement. In either case, it will not change our approach. We take pride in our friendly service, respect for you and your property, and our adaptability to handle anything we find.


We have been providing the highest standard of roofing for many years, giving our customers our very best.  But we are always open to your fine approval before we make our exit.
Our customer satisfaction guarantee is more than just words to find new businesses and homeowners who need roofing. It is the foundation of all that we do. This is yet another reason our roofing company in Chicago goes beyond our competition. Our roofing contractors Chicago provide nothing but the best on every project.

Your Roof is the Most Important Part of Your Home. Care for it with Our Expert Roof Repair & Roof Replacement Chicago

Many home and business owners tend to neglect the roof, even though it acts as the best defense to protect your investment from the elements. So it is crucial to take good care of your roof.
If you’re looking for a minor roof repair or a total roof replacement Chicago, we are the roofing company trusted by so many. Our expert roofing contractors Chicago can work on everything from leaks to cracked shingles to damaged wood, holes, and more. Through all our years, we have gained so much experience, knowledge, and skills to provide our customers with the very best service and workmanship possible.
For any type of unique roofing you may have, our roofing company Chicago has the expertise to handle it. We carry a diverse range of materials, designs, and colors to choose from, so we can create the ideal roof for your commercial and residential roofing.
Work with one of our professionals today to discuss your roofing requirements and receive your complimentary assessment and estimate on your schedule. We believe in transparency, honesty, and integrity, so you can trust our roofing contractors Chicago to provide you with all that you need for your roofing.

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