allroof-contractors We are Public Insurance Adjusters If you are interested in checking out our latest projects, pictures of satisfied clients and their insurance company covered, fully-restored properties and examples, please click through to our Facebook page. 24/7 Emergency Response The sole claims adjusters, specifically licensed by the State of Illinois to represent the insured are known as Public Adjusters and our priority in this role is to represent you well. Our primary role is to ensure the protection of you and your interests when it comes to claims with the insurance company due to a loss you have suffered. Scores of our customers have achieved 100% coverage from their insurance companies.


Contact us

Step one is to reach out to us by phone or email and provide us with the most details you can in order to schedule a free, onsite estimate.

Damage Assessment

In order to consider coverage, we first determine the extent of damages suffered by your property and comb through the details of your insurance policy coverage.

Collection of Damage Evidence

We will request that you assist us in preparing the maximum amount of proof of damage possible, including pictures and videos.

We report your claim

Reporting your claim as soon as possible is our principal objective, especially because certain cases take significantly more time than others to resolve.  We prefer to get the insurance company to cover the damages as soon as possible.

We negotiate for you

The other part of your principal objective is to obtain 100% damage coverage from your insurance company. We follow through on the entire process until your insurance company pays the money and the claim has been solved.

Reasonable Compensation and an Ally

As we work FOR YOU and we do not work for the insurance company.  The ugly truth is that insurance companies are much more concerned about their own interests than they are about their clients’ interests.  To support this, insurance companies hire experts who represent them in each filed claim case.  Don’t you think you should also have expert representation?
Keep in mind, the ball is in your court for proving the extent of your losses to your insurance company. Failure to comply with complicated policy requirements could result in a lower settlement amount or potentially even the denial of your claim.  This is not common knowledge for the general public yet is quite easily observed in the common insurance policy made up of dozens of pages loaded with legal jargon and technical terminology.  A properly certified and trained public insurance adjuster like our team can ensure you meet the policy requirements, document your loss, and obtain payment for your claim.

A Helping Hand Amidst Hard Times

If you have recently experienced loss due to a natural disaster like a fire, a burst pipe, a hurricane, or another issue, you are likely dealing with a variety of other issues like securing another business location or finding housing, suffering emotionally from the trauma of the incident, or perhaps just bus with your work and home life.  There is a good chance you are not in the state of mind to learn to correctly present an insurance claim.  We are here to provide peace of mind by taking charge of your insurance company work overload, thus relieving you of the burden.

Resources & Experience

Consumers are constantly at a disadvantage in the insurance claims process when they file it on their own due to their lack of process knowledge and industry expertise.  Insurance claims adjusters like us are properly trained and vastly experienced in the assessment of damage as well as extremely familiar with current laws and the ways in which they may affect insurance losses. Our experience and resources will assist you greatly in the complicated process of estimating, documenting, and filing your insurance claims.


If your home or business has sustained damage to the roof, you might be wondering whether or not your roof repair will be covered by your insurance. You’re not alone, as many property owners are not fully aware of what their insurance policy covers and what is not included. The truth is, there are so many roofing styles, roofing materials, roof add-ons, chimneys, skylights, and the causes of roof damage can vary widely, so every case is unique. It can seem impossible to know for certain whether your roof damage is covered by your insurance policy without a straight answer directly from the insurance company.

Your claim may be denied, but don’t worry, it doesn’t have to end there because that denial can be overturned with the aid of a public adjuster. Roof claim denials are quite common, as the damage is not often seen from the ground. If you did not initially have our professional roofing company inspect your roof, your denied claim may end up fully covered after all. Your roof suffered damage during a hailstorm, which is not always immediately apparent. It’s possible to develop a leak in your roof several weeks after the storm. If your home is hit with a hailstorm, contact our storm damage roofing company to have our professional insurance adjuster inspect your claim properly.
If your roof was already in poor condition, you may not qualify for a settlement that provides a total roof replacement, but you may be eligible for a water damage claim. That’s why it’s so important to speak with our trusted public adjuster about your specific situation and clarify what can be done when you’re not certain of how to proceed.
At times, damage to the roof can lead to secondary damage to the interior of your property. In these instances, it often falls upon the homeowner to take action, like tarping over the roof to temporarily prevent water damage. With a public adjuster from the experts with residential roofing in, you can get the help you need to determine how to manage your claim.
Most people are not sure whether or not they have a viable roof damage claim. It is quite difficult to determine if a claim can be made or not, as roofing is notoriously frustrating in that way. But our highly specialized team of roofing contractors in can help with a certified public adjuster that can properly assess the situation and advise you on the best way to proceed with your roof damage claim.

In the end, your roof is a major part of your property, for which you have insurance coverage to help with these types of issues. Insurance companies are always trying to find ways not to pay out on a claim, so don’t let your insurance representative make you lose out on a legitimate roof damage claim. Instead, contact our caring roofing company in, and we’ll get a public adjuster to represent you with your insurance provider. Call us today and let’s take care of your roof repair.


Any storm can cause damage to a roof, and you might expect extensive damage after a severe storm that carries strong winds and heavy rains. Even a new roof can be torn apart by hurricanes, tornadoes, or common thunderstorms. When this occurs, you will need roof repair, or possibly a roof replacement. House residents might be able to have the costs of these services covered through an insurance claim without having to pay for anything out of pocket. But, as insurance companies tend to do, they might not agree with your assessment and deny paying. They may even disqualify the claim if you have a roofing contractor place it for you.

That’s when a public adjuster can help even the playing field. A public adjuster is a claim professional that is certified to perform business within a specific state, to represent a policyholder on a particular claim. This professional will assess the roof damage proposed on a claim and negotiate with your insurance company. They may even go to court for you if necessary. Outside a public adjuster, only your attorney or a real estate broker would be permitted to advocate in court for a policyholder. That makes it important to choose the right public adjuster, in this case, one that understands roofers.

After a devastating event like major roof damage, it’s natural for our clients to want to get their lives back in order as soon as possible.  For that reason, our roofing company will handle the roof inspection, the claim, and the roof repair all from a point of strength and expertise, so you can get on with your daily routine fast. We work closely with you and with your insurance company to ensure you receive the benefits to which you are entitled after a disaster strikes. You will have your roof repair or roof replacement taken care of to restore your property with all the guidance you need to make the right insurance claim.