allroof-contractors ICE DAM REMOVAL SERVICES We’ll help you to protect your property. We will remove any ice dams quickly and efficiently, without causing any damage to your roof. When faced with an emergency ice dam problem accompanied by a water leak, it is crucial to remove ice and snow as soon as possible. Our team is available 24/7. We serve residential and
commercial properties.
We are fully equipped,
including large steamers.

All Roofs Inc.
Roof Ice Dam Removal Chicago

All Roofs Inc. is a qualified roofing company operating in the entire Chicago area as well as surrounding suburbs. We provide high quality ice dam removal services during winter for both commercial and residential properties. Our roofers exclusively utilize top quality ice dam steamers for an effective and efficient roof ice dam removal process and your roofs’ safety. Reach out to us in any emergency situation. We provide emergency ice dam removal service in the entire Chicagoland area 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Roof Snow Removal

Here at All Roof Inc., we remove accumulated snow from both residential and commercial roofs. Our experience and knowledge along with our licensing allow us to protect your property from damage.

Roof Ice Dam Removal

Our experts will remove any forming or existing ice dams through the use of high quality ice dam steamers, making sure your roof remains safe and the structural integrity of your building remains intact.

STEP BY STEP - Ice dam removal services

Contact Us
Our process begins with a phone conversation regarding your ice dam issue details like the size of your building, the size of ice dams, the floor on which the ice dams are located, in addition to the potential time frame for our visit.
Site Visit
We will visit your property in order to assess the size of ice dams, to select appropriate ice dam removal equipment and to ensure that all safety precautions are followed.
Ice dam removal
Our specialist will begin the steam ice dam removal process using high caliber ice dam steamers to ensure that the process of getting rid of ice dams is carried out safely and accurately.
Site cleaning
Our team will remove any snow and ice that may fall during the process of ice dam removal.
End result
We will leave your roof clean and safe and we appreciate any feedback you can share with us.

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Most frequent problems associated with ice dams

Ice dams force water to leak from the roof into the envelope of a building, making them incredibly problematic. This may cause:

Rotted exterior and interior walls, roof decking, and framing. Shingles may begin to separate from the roof providing ice and water with easier access to your property as the meltwater seeps underneath them and freezes.

Respiratory ailments (asthma, allergies, etc.) can be triggered by mold growth. Water seeping in from the ice dam may cause moisture to build within your building’s building materials, which can also trigger mold damage.

Diminished insulation effectiveness. Wet insulation does not function properly, and insulation that is chronically wet does not even decompress when it dries. In the absence of proper insulation, additional heat will escape to the roof causing even more snow to melt, triggering additional ice dams which may lead to leaks.

Leaked water can infiltrate the cavities of your wall, causing paint to blister and peel. This might even occur long after the melting of the ice dam and may not appear to be related directly to the ice dam.