Should you leave it to the professionals?
Walking on your roof may seem like an easy thing, but if you’re not capable of handling different roof issues, it may lead to an accident. If there’s any doubt about the strength of the roof to support the weight you’re carrying, for safety precautions, call a professional roofing contractor that can help you with any of your roof repairs.

Slipped Shingles
A loose shingle will always present danger while you are trying to do roof repair. It is often not easy to identify if a shingle is already loosening. Once you accidentally stepped on it, you can easily slide off the roof. The older the roof, the more danger it poses.

Rotten Decking
If there is a roof leak in your home that you see through, which could mean that the roof decking is damaged. During the roof installation, nails pierce through the wood as shingles are mounted. When these nails and wood are moistened, it can start the deterioration of the decking. This creates the weak spots on your roof that can break when you walk on them, causing you to fall off the roof. Our professional roofing contractors are well-trained to walk on a residential roof or even on a commercial roof, checking their movements before taking them to make sure the roof can handle the weight they are about to carry on.

Steep Roofing
Walking on roof planes requires specialized skills, so trying to climb on a steep roof without this experience is a terrible idea for anyone. The danger of falling and being hurt is the main reason for you to let your roof replacement or roof repair handled by a professional roofing company.
If you’re doubtful about the safety of getting onto your roof, it’s time to seek help from the professional roofing companies.

HIRING A ROOFING CONTRACTOR – The most important issue while choosing a roofing company

Hiring a roofer can be complicated, but it’s not impossible
When you’re planning to hire a roofing contractor, there are several things to consider. You can avoid some of the common concerns to most bad experiences by having some good judgment and a little research on roofing companies. In this article, we will provide many of the questions you need to ask, and some of the best tips to ensure that you will find the right roofing contractor.

Are roofers in your area required to be licensed?
Most states and local municipalities require roofing contractors to have licenses. It means they must have passed several tests to prove they have the right knowledge on roof systems, as well as the standards for code and other laws in your state.

Are the terms of the contract clearly defined?
Disclosing all important information to our clients is a significant part of our job, but having everything in black and white protects our customers and us. The contract you get from any roofing company should be concise, easy to understand, and inclusive of all work to be done. It should also clearly indicate when you are making payments and how much each of those payments will be.

Do you carry insurance?
A reliable roofing company has an updated insurance policy, which can be confirmed through a phone call with the company. Roofing companies have insurance for any accidental damage that they may be caused on your house, and for roofing contractors who will be working on the project. Most licensing companies ask for a certain insurance level based on the projects that they are working on.

How long have you been in business?
Generally, people wanting to have their roof repairs or roof replacements look for roofing companies who have been in the industry the longest, as they think that they are better. But a new roofing contractor might be a more experienced installer who decided to create his own roofing company. So, while the company’s length of time in the business can be beneficial, you’ll need to know whether you’re okay with someone just starting.

Do you have references?
Previous consumer reviews are a perfect way to get to know a roofing company better. If they have a long list of great reviews, their services are more likely to satisfy you. Take the time to write a testimonial for the roofing contractor if you are satisfied with the service they have provided. They take pride in great customer feedback.

Does the contractor have online reviews?
Customer feedback for companies is becoming much easier to find. The same goes for roofing contractors. Checking about the roofing company in advance can save you from future problems.

Ask for photos of past projects
Checking for photos of the roofing company’s previous projects, whether on their website or from a staff’s phone, is an excellent way to learn more about the company. Photos of finished projects of either commercial or residential roofing are a great way to see how their roofing contractors work, and if they really complete the projects they take.

Use Common Sense
Weighing your options before making a decision can save you from a lot of trouble in the future. You should hire a roofing contractor that meets your standards and whom you are confident with.

Cheaper is not better
A lot of consideration should be given to roofing contractors who offer a much lower price. Make sure they use the same quality products and do it in the same way. It is not worth it to save money by ignoring rules, like having insurance or license as this can have a significant effect on your project in the long run.

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