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All Roof Inc. roofing replacement contractors are fully committed to our client portfolio to provide top-notch service to meet their needs. The roofing system has multiple stages and when it gets to the point where the repair option is not feasible, we take care of determining the condition of your roof and providing a good roofing replacement.

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One of our highest priorities when performing our roofing services is not simply money, but to establish a strong relationship with our current and potential clients. Our belief is that being honest and providing adequate service will make a good impression on the client in the sense that we are serious in our commitment. While there are companies in the area that do the same jobs as us, some are only going for the money and do not value the trust and loyalty of our customers like All Roof Inc, which does. More clients means more referrals and more jobs for us. Feel free to contact All Roof Inc. if you would like to receive the highest quality roof replacement and repair job under a completely transparent process. We're at your service!

Any Type Of Roof Can Be Replaced

If you’re from the Chicago metropolitan area and you’re searching for someone to perform a high-quality roof replacement in your home or business, All Roof Inc. is the company of choice. All Roof is an experienced company in the repair segment of all types of roofing systems, something that we owe mainly to our highly qualified, trained workforce and the use of the latest industry tools and methods.

Solar tiles

Metal roofing


Clay and concrete tiles

Built-up roofing

Asphalt shingles

Stone – coated steel

Rubber slate

Green roofs

Any other!

Roof Replacement Contractors Explain:
Why Are Roofs Getting Damaged?

If your roof got damaged at any point of its lifespan, there can be many reasons behind it, but most of them are weather-related. Examples of this are several, such as: lifted shingles due to strong winds, leaks due to a foreign object or hail puncturing the roof, thermal shock due to extreme temperatures, freeze-thaw, among others. However, this is not uncommon for our experts or something they cannot fix.


Wind damage to roofing systems can include the following: loose or missing shingles, chimney issues, curling or peeling shingles, granule loss, damage soffit, and internal leakages. Strong winds can also cause tree limbs to fall over the roof to the point of damaging them.


If your roofing system suffered wind damage, there may be spots that are exposed and not detected, especially if the shingles were lifted. If the shingle was lifted, it is very likely that the sealant and nail have come loose, which requires a roof replacement.

Water & Snow

Ice dams on your roof are caused by uneven heating. If your attic is hot, that will cause the snow concentrated in the middle of the roof to melt. That thawed snow flows all the way down and refreezes on the eaves. When water freezes, it can expand to the point of damaging the shingles, opening breaks in the roof, and pry off the gutters.

When Should You Consider A Roof Replacement?

Storm Damage

This type of damage can manifest itself in all kinds of ways and should not be taken lightly, as it can affect the basic structure of the roof. For example, windstorms can separate shingles from the roof, leaving bare patches that must be re-roofed. Strong winds can blow objects such as branches and trees through the roof. Heavy hail can break sheathing, poke holes through shingles, break skylights, and more.

Time For Replacement

Asphalt shingles require replacement after a couple of decades. Even to an eye that is not properly trained, when the roofing system shows worn, it is indicative of replacement. There are several reasons that can lead to a roof to deteriorate prematurely such as: storm damage, ice dams, mold, moss, and algae. If your shingles are curling or sagging, your roof will likely need replacement.

Boost Your Home’s Resale Value

Some homeowners replace their old roofs in order to increase real estate resale value or appeal. While the roofing system may be a few years past its age limit, it is occasionally replaced with a new and updated one, in anticipation of entering the real estate market again. A new roof installation can improve an old house to the point that the new owner doesn't need to worry about it for a long time.

Big Remodeling Project

If you want to make extra additions to your home in the future, you should take into consideration that this could involve a change to the roofline or a new roof installation. However, there are cases that the new and old roofs do not combine and therefore, the homeowner prefers to perform a full roof replacement.

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The first step is to contact our operators through official channels (phone or email) and provide them with as much detail as possible in order to schedule a free on-site estimate.


To consider coverage through insurance, our experts will determine the extent of damage to your property and analyze the details of your insurance coverage.

of Damage Evidence

At this stage, we will request your assistance to accumulate as much evidence of damage as possible, either through images or videos.

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Our main goal is to file your claim as soon as possible, especially if you are in business, as those cases can take longer to reach resolution.

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We continue through the entire process until your insurance company pays the money for the repairs or the claim is resolved in full.

What If Partial Roof Replacement Is Enough?

If your roof suffered any serious damage, but you’re not sure if it requires a complete replacement or you don’t have enough money for it, our roof replacement contractors offer you the option of a partial replacement so that your roofing system lasts the remaining time from the autumn and winter season before proceeding with a deep replacement. Our crew will also perform an assessment before proceeding with the task.

No need to replace entire roof

If you notice that your roofing system has a leak, the first thing to do is call our roof replacement company. Our experts can take care of any problem with your roof in the blink of an eye. If you delay repairing the leak, your home may suffer significant damage over time and require an expensive roof replacement; as well as becoming a fire hazard, increasing your energy bills and allowing mold to form to the point of being a health hazard. Do not wait until that happens, call us now to solve your problems as soon as possible!

Highly-trained roofing contractors

What makes All Roof Inc. unique from other companies is that our staff is properly trained to deal with all types of roofing systems. We provide detailed inspections to provide our clients with a solution that definitively addresses the problem and needs that you have. We do not simply replace or install roofs, but we do an assessment to provide excellent service. When it comes to treating your roofing well, All Roof Inc. is the one!

Our Advice About Roof Replacement?
Think Of Possible Solutions!

Our roof replacement company offers you other options that go beyond simply replacing roofing systems. If your roofing suffered non-compromising damage, you can choose to have a repair done. Do not hesitate to contact our operators through our phones and official website, we are honest and efficient with our work. When it comes to All Roof Inc., your satisfaction is important for us!