All Roof Inc. – Reroofing

All Roof Inc. is a professional roofing company that provides the highest-quality reroofing services for residential and commercial properties. Our roofing contractors are happy to inspect your roof and advise you on the required reroofing services. Feel free to contact us for all your reroofing needs. We are providing our services across the entire Chicagoland and surrounding areas.

What Is Reroofing?

The process of placing a new set of roofing shingles on top of an existing layer is called reroofing. It is only an option if you only have one layer of shingles in place as this is a once-off process. Reroofing is much cheaper, faster, and less intrusive than a roof replacement as the original roofing is not removed.

Benefits of Reroofing Service

Much quicker than roof replacement


Easier and safer

Our Service


Our efficient team at All Roof Inc. is trained, equipped, and standing by to meet your reroofing needs including a detailed inspection to advise you on the best options. Contact us for a free on-site estimation.

Flat Roof Reroofing

Our reroofing team specializes in flat roof reroofing. Flat roof reroofing involves us removing and installing the existing roofing system while adding additional coating, or adding a spray polyurethane foam layer over your existing roof.

Residential Reroofing

Maintaining or enhancing the aesthetics and style of your homes and small buildings are very important during residential reroofing projects. Our experts specialize in matching the style of your home while delivering our professional reroofing services.

Commercial Reroofing

Let our specialists assist you in selecting the best material to ensure a safe commercial roof that lasts. The choice of material is vital as commercial roofs need to handle higher stress loads and severe conditions.