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All Roof Inc. is the premier roofing company in Elmhurst that provides service to both commercial roofing and residential roofing. When it comes to a reliable company that will help you with your roofing services, we are the ones that have your back. We have been providing outstanding services for over 20 years, and we do not only offer stylish roofs but also provide sustainable energy-efficient roofing. What makes us different from other roofing companies in Elmhurst is that we aim to help our customers reduce their bill by providing a roofing system that is not only 100% tax-deductible but also environmentally friendly.

Our company focuses on providing top quality service with affordable roofing. It has always been the vision of the company ever since it started in 1994. The owner, who is a roofer himself, wanted every home and business to have the best roofing system without spending a whole lot of money. With years of experience, we focus on making every house a home by providing it with a durable and long-lasting roofing system.

We only use the highest quality of materials so you can make sure that your home and business is secured with the best roofing system. Our company offers innovative products, dependable, and reliable roofing service in the Elmhurst area. We take pride in providing our customers with excellent service that will not only give you peace of mind but also significant savings in the long run.

At All Roof Inc., our roofing contractors are well experienced and skilled with the latest knowledge needed to provide customers with the world-class roofing service. With our years of experience, our roofers are skilled in handling any type of roofing problem that you may have. Whether it’s a roof replacement or roof repair, we can do it all for you. Our accommodating staff is always readily available to assist you with all your roofing concerns. Search no more “roofing companies near me in Elmhurst” – choose us!

Trust our roofing company Elmhurst to promptly respond to your calls of distress no matter how extreme the weather conditions due to hail, wind, and storms, at times without forewarning, as such conditions set the stage for potential damage and even emergencies that require immediate attention and response. Call us (866) 205-8833 for a free consultation that may assist you in choosing between roof replacement Elmhurst and roof repair Elmhurst. Our roofers and response team’s swift efforts can mark the difference in preventing an already bad situation from worsening, thanks to our industry knowledge, years of experience, and the appropriate equipment and materials to take care of extreme cases. Accidents occur all the time but allow us to encounter the professional answers for you that bring lasting solutions to homeowners’ issues. We aim to be always available for Elmhurst homeowners in order to prevent damage to their home and to help them to save money and time.

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Commercial Roofing

Every business owner aims to maximize the profit of their business, which is why here at All Roof Inc., our professional roofing contractors Elmhurst will help your business save more money by installing environmentally friendly commercial roofing. When it comes to your commercial roofing, our roofing company is here to make sure you get the best!

Residential Roofing Company Elmhurst

All Roof Inc. offers outstanding services for your residential roofing. When you have a long-lasting roofing system for home is what our residential roofing company aims to provide. Our seasoned roofing contractors Elmhurst area, mean you can rest assured that every material that we’ll use on your home is of the highest quality.


Roof Repair Elmhurst

Our roofing company Elmhurst offers excellent roof repair services for your residential and commercial roofing. We only have the most well-trained contractors to handle your roof repair Elmhurst needs. In order to avoid further damages, we provide immediate repair to your roofing problems. When it comes to your roof leak repair or flat roof repair, we are the ones that you can count on.

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We do not stop in providing roof repair Elmhurst services, but we also offer window installation services such as repair for both residential and commercial spaces. With our seasoned contractors, we will provide you with unparalleled service for your windows. We use a wide range of high-grade materials to ensure the durability of your windows.

Metal Roofing

With our roofing company Elmhurst, we always find innovative ways to provide the best for our customers. If you are looking for a roofing system that is made to last a lifetime, metal roofing is the best choice. All Roof Inc. has seasoned roofing contractors that will install a metal roof for a more durable and less-maintenance roofing system to home and business properties.

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When it comes to your residential gutter installation needs, you can count on us as well. Gutters are an essential part of your roofing system as it makes sure that your home is safe from any water damage, such as leaks. Our world-class residential gutter system has been providing every homeowner a sense of security. Our roofing contractors Elmhurst use the highest quality of materials for your residential roofing.

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Storm Damage Roof Repair Elmhurst

Our storm damage roofing company Elmhurst has been providing services for years. We will ensure that the company offers services for your roof repairs that are damaged by a storm. Our storm damage roof repair offers services for both residential roofing and commercial roofing. We are here for you when it comes to your roofing needs.


The most prone to damage is your siding because of extreme weather conditions. Here at All Roof Inc., we well-skilled siding and roofing contractors that provide extensive roofing and siding services, and we only use the highest quality materials to make sure it is long-lasting and can withstand any weather conditions. We are your number one choice among the roofing companies Elmhurst and suburban area

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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers
from the Professional Roofing Company Elmhurst Offering Roof Repair & Replacement at its Finest

We have been in business for many years, and in that span, we have been asked some of the same questions time and time again. So our roofing company Elmhurst has compiled a list of some of the most commonly heard questions so that we may help you. If you don’t see your question here, please give us a call and we would be happy to speak with you to address your concerns

When should I have roof replacement Elmhurst done?

Your commercial roofing or residential roofing in Elmhurst may need replacement after about 20 to 25-years. If your roof is giving you problems, contact our professional roofing contractors Elmhurst to determine the best course of action.

What is the best type of roof by our roofing company Elmhurst?

The two most popular choices for new roof replacement Elmhurst are asphalt shingles and metal roofing. The most affordable option would be shingles. But if you want a roof that is more modern, unique, and durable, metal roofing would be the better way to go. Our roofing contractors Elmhurst can take care of your roof replacement based on your needs and preference.

How long does your roofing company Elmhurst need to replace a roof?

The time required for a roof replacement Elmhurst depends on the building size, the roofing material selected, and the expert roofing contractors who do the job. Commercial roofing and large residential roofing will likely require more time. You can count on our roofers Elmhurst to work as quickly as possible.

How long roofs last according to our roofers Elmhurst?

After 20 years, it’s best to call our roofing company Elmhurst to get a free estimate. Proactive homeowners that take care of their roofing with maintenance and regular roof inspections tend to be better prepared for any roof replacement that might be necessary.

Our Roofers Elmhurst Latest Commercial Roofing Projects

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Cherry Valley Condo Association
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Lincoln Inn Banquets, Batavia, IL
Young Achiever's Learning Center Franklin Park, IL
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We are beyond proud of our BBB A+ Rating roofing company Elmhurst. Roofing companies must receive 97+ points out of 100 to receive the “A+ BBB” rating. Our ALLROOF’S roofing contractors Elmhurst hold themselves to the highest of standards and aspire to exceed our customers’ expectations with every project. As a leading area roofing company, we proudly provide impeccably executed work. Client satisfaction is our goal, providing roofs that are guaranteed to be long-lasting and attractive, throughout the entire process, from your free assessment to the installation of your residential and commercial roofing in Elmhurst.

Why Hire Our Professional Roofing Company Elmhurst Rather Than Doing it Yourself

Our Roofing contractors Elmhurst answer!

Your roof protects everything under it both inside and out, so it is one of the most important parts of your home. Handing over your roof repair Elmhurst to the professional roofers will ensure a safe job and you know it will be done right.

Experience Matters

When you bring in a professional roofing company Elmhurst, you are investing in skill and experience. It will get you a job done right the first time, as our knowledgeable roofing contractors Elmhurst have years of experience providing top-level services, from roof replacement to roof repair. We know how to handle it all for you.


Our expert roofing contractors Elmhurst are fully insured and bonded, leaving you free of worries. Our roofers bring along all the necessary safety equipment and skills through training to complete the roofing job without injuries or incidents. You can count on our reliable and trusted professional roofing company to complete your project faster and more safely than you could on your own.

Peace of Mind

We realize that any home improvement, even a common roof repair or roof replacement, can be a cause of stress and anxiety when you handle it yourself. But hiring our experienced roofing company Elmhurst will give you licensed professionals and total peace of mind in knowing that the job will be finished properly and on time.

Why choose Our Roofing Company Elmhurst & Other Suburbs

How We Stay Ahead Other Roofing Companies Elmhurst

We know that your business or home is a significant investment, which is why it is essential to keep it safe. You can do so by taking care of your roofing, which protects your entire home or business. If you encounter any problem with your roofing, you will need the help of an honest and reliable roofing company Elmhurst. When in search of the best roofing companies in the area, it is important to choose the best in the industry!
Our roofers Elmhurst have been providing the best roofing services for many years. We make sure to provide the highest quality of roof replacement and roof repair services at an affordable price. Our contractors are experienced professionals who are dedicated to combining old building principles with new technology. We continue to have the latest education to provide the top-notch roofing system on the market. Whether it is residential or commercial roofing, we have the best product available. Our roofing contractors take their time in finding out precisely what is wrong with the roof. This way, the customers do not waste money and their time with a roof repair or roof replacement Elmhurst. In order for our roofers to meet our high standards of excellence, we provide thorough inspection during construction and at the time of completion. We have highly-trained professionals who strive to deliver quick work while providing unmatched quality. Our experienced contractors at our roofing company Elmhurst can help you with either small or complex roof repair and roof replacement services. We guide our clients in picking the right roofing that ensures the protection and beauty of their business or home. Give us a call so that we can get the roof that you have always wanted.

Residential Roof Roofing Contractors Elmhurst

The Most Important Part of Your Home. Maintain Its Strong Structure With Our Roof Repair & Roof Replacement Elmhurst Services

Most homeowners and business owners often overlook the roof, even though it is such an important factor in maintaining the safety of the building structure and everything inside it. It is imperative that your roof is cared for properly. Whether you need a minor roof repair or a full-scale roof replacement Elmhurst, our roofing company is the most trusted in the region. Our skilled roofing contractors Elmhurst can deal with anything from leaks and cracked shingles, to damaged wood, holes, and more. We use all our years of experience, extensive and ongoing training, and our best skills to provide our customers with the exceptional advanced roofing services Elmhurst expects.

For any type of unique roof you might have, or any material needed for it, our roofing company Elmhurst is capable of getting the work done at the highest level of expertise. We offer a varied selection of roofing materials, designs, and colors to choose from, so we can produce the perfect roof for the residential roofing or commercial roofing you need in Elmhurst. Call us today and speak with one of our local roofers Elmhurst. We will identify what you need and provide a free assessment, which includes an estimate. We have always provided our customers with transparency, honesty, and reliability, so you can trust our professionals to give you the service and solutions you’re looking for.”Seeking a roofing company near me in Elmhurst ? All Roofs Inc. is your go-to for superior residential and commercial roofing services.

Professional Roof Inspection by Your Reliable Local Roofers Elmhurst
Expert Roofing Contractors That Have Seen It All

Our roofing contractors Elmhurst can handle any roofing project, big or small.

Count on our team for a full roof replacement Elmhurst when the time comes, or our expert roofing will be there to take care of your roof repair Elmhurst that can extend the life of your existing roof. When you call our residential and commercial roofing company Elmhurst, you are relying on us to bring you a top-quality product along with our incredible service to get the job done quickly and effectively. We provide an experienced team of advanced roofing contractors Elmhurst to take you through the entire process honestly and sincerely. For your residential, industrial, or commercial roofing in Elmhurst, put your trust in our expert roofing.

We always do our very best as we provide top-quality service and materials by our outstanding roofing contractors Elmhurst, and it’s all at a price that fits your budget. All our customers receive our full dedication to professionalism and the greatest standard in our workmanship. Every decision made with you about your roof repair or roof replacement Elmhurst is made to ensure you receive the right service. Our relationships with our customers are extremely important to us as the top roofing company Elmhurst.


Routine roof inspections can help you to discover any damage you may not otherwise know about before it becomes a serious matter. It is way more affordable to deal with issues found during a roof inspection, taking care of the roof repairs Elmhurst right away, than allowing the problem to get worse over time. Plus, your roof can last much longer with regular roof inspections. Through damage prevention, our roofing contractors Elmhurst can reduce all the time, effort, and money you may spend on future roof repairs. And by adding more years to the life of your roof, our professional roofers Elmhurst push any need for costly roof repairs well into the future, especially when it comes to your next roof replacement Elmhurst.

Call us to receive your comprehensive roof inspection report outlining any problems found, backed up with images and an estimate for your roof repair  Elmhurst. With that, your roof inspection can bring you clarity and great peace of mind. We’ll make it easy for you to determine what you can expect as far as expenses in dealing with your roof repair Elmhurst. And where there is any damage to your roof, you will have the supporting documentation to show your insurance company. You can breathe a sigh of relief when our roof inspection provides you with all the details needed to maintain your roof before an issue occurs.

A thorough roof inspection by fully certified roofing contractors Elmhurst can save you money and add life to your roof. Count on our leading roofing company Elmhurst to perform a complete roof inspection and handle any roof repairs you might need, leaving you with a solid roof that is ready for what comes your way.

Our Roof Replacement Elmhurst Process


Our Roofing Process


Contact us

Calling our customer service reps in Elmhurst will get the ball rolling in addressing your residential or commercial roofing concerns. We will listen to what you have to say and send the appropriate contractor or inspector to deal with the problem. He will expertly inspect the roof and give you feedback on his findings and the best approach for your situation.


To be able to present an estimate for the repairs, our professional inspectors will visit your property and thoroughly inspect the surface of your roof for damage and wear and tear. We also look at your downspouts, gutters, and flashings. We make our recommendations and give you an affordable estimate of the cost and time it will take for your professional roof replacement or repair.


Our estimate will give you a detailed outline of to what extent your roof needs repair, how your gutters are performing, as well as the stability of your chimney and flashings. We will give you some options for you to consider and all the important facts to make an informed decision on the repairs or replacements to keep your roof in good condition and performing to the best of its ability.


Work on your roof will begin once the estimate has been approved and a starting date for the work has been decided on. Our friendly, skilled contractors are ready and waiting to give you the best roofing repair or replacement in Elmhurst. We work with experienced contractors installing excellent roofing products with up-to-date methods. No job is too big or too small; give us a call today so get your roof in shape before next winter.

Let’s Get Started On Your Roof Replacement Elmhurst Project Today!

As an excellent service provider, our roofing company abides by a high standard when we deliver our services for roof repair and roof replacement Elmhurst. We aim to keep your home or your business protected by using only the best materials for your roofs. To give you ultimate satisfaction, we also send in professional roofers Elmhurst who know how to provide quality service. Our roofing contractors Elmhurst are trusted by many because they are reliable for commercial roofing.

If you want to hire the best among all roofing companies Elmhurst, give us a call. We look forward to working with you.

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