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All Roof Inc. is the number 1 roofing company Kenilworth that caters to both commercial roofing and residential roofing of every style. If you want a trusted company that can assist you with anything from simple to advanced roofing, our team is ready for you. For better than 20 years, our roofing company has handled not only aesthetic roofing solutions but also sustainable, energy-efficient roofing for many homes and commercial properties. Unlike other roofing companies Kenilworth, we genuinely enjoy helping our customers lower energy bills with a roofing system that is completely tax-deductible and environmentally friendly, so you can potentially save up to 30% on your energy consumption.
All Roof Inc. is counted on for the highest level of quality service at an amazingly affordable price, which has been our vision since we started back in 1994. As a professional roofer, our company owner envisioned all homes and businesses affording the absolute best roofing available without going overboard on spending. Since we’ve been in the roofing business for decades, we keep our focus on making every house a home and each business a success with the most durable and lasting professional roof replacement Kenilworth.
That’s the reason our roofing company Kenilworth uses just the best quality materials, so you can trust that your home or business will be securely covered by the very best roofing system possible. We carry innovative roofing products and have reliable roofing contractors Kenilworth that do the work right. Everyone on our team is proud to provide outstanding service to every customer, bringing you total peace of mind and a great deal of savings in the long run.
The All Roof Inc. roofing contractors Kenilworth are all professionally-trained experts, complete with today’s cutting-edge knowledge to bring you world-class roofing services. Prepared with years of experience, our roofing contractors have the skills to handle a full range of roofing solutions, from roof repairs to an entire roof replacement Kenilworth. Contact our exceptionally helpful staff to help with any roofing concerns you may have.Searching for ‘roofing companies near me in Kenilworth’? Opt for us, and we assure you of unmatched service that won’t disappoint!

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Commercial Roofing in Kenilworth

Every business owner seeks to maximize profits. So All Roof Inc. has expert commercial roofing contractors in Kenilworth who work tirelessly to help businesses save money over time with an environmentally friendly commercial roofing system that can cut energy bills. Our team is the best solution among commercial roofing companies Kenilworth.

Residential Roofing Company Nearby Kenilworth

All Roof Inc. offers top-flight service for your residential roofing. Maintaining an enduring roof on your home is a specialty of our residential roofing company Kenilworth. With the assistance of our highly-experienced residential roofing contractors, Kenilworth homeowners can have the great quality roofing they need.


Roof Repair Nearby Kenilworth

All Roof Inc. is ready for quick and trusted roof repair Kenilworth service for all kinds of residential and commercial properties. Our roofing contractors are prepared to take on any roof repair with great expertise. We can bring you immediate repair to your roofing difficulties to help avoid further issues. Whether it’s a roof leak repair or a flat roof repair, you’re in good hands.

windows repalcement

Windows in Kenilworth

All Roof Inc. does much more than only roofing in Kenilworth. We also give you professional residential and commercial window installation and window repair services. Our incredible window contractors are standing by to provide you with outstanding service for your windows. We carry a huge range of great quality materials to ensure exceptional durability for all your windows.

Metal Roofing in Kenilworth

Our team is always seeking out new innovative solutions to pass the best on to our customers, so if you want a roofing system that’s meant to last a lifetime, All Roof Inc.’s metal roofing in Kenilworth is the solution you’re looking for. Our metal roofing contractors Kenilworth are here to give you the metal roof installation you need for amazing durability and much less maintenance for your roofing, whether it’s on your home or your business.

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Gutters in Kenilworth

The proper residential gutter installation is a key component of your building’s roofing in Kenilworth. Gutters ensure that your home or business is free of water damage and leaks. Our top-end residential gutter system gives homeowners owners a great feeling of security through a high-quality product that is perfect for your residential gutters.

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Storm Damage Roof Repair Nearby Kenilworth

After a storm passes, you may notice some damage to your home. It’s important to take immediate action and have All Roof Inc. give you the help you need. We are the roofing company Kenilworth that brings you a full range of fast and trusted storm damage roof repair and replacement. Our professional roofing contractors can fully restore your roof as if nothing happened. We offer our services to handle both residential and commercial roofing in Kenilworth, so call us and keep your roof in optimal shape, especially after a terrible storm.

Siding in Kenilworth

Your home’s siding is constantly being pounded by extreme weather, so damage is inevitable. At All Roof Inc., our roofing contractors Kenilworth give you excellent quality siding services on demand. We only use the finest materials to ensure a fantastic job on your siding. As the greatest of roofing companies Kenilworth area, you can depend on All Roof Inc. for anything you need for your home or business, from roof repair to roof replacement to siding services, and more.

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Our Roofers Nearby Kenilworth Quality Work

FAQs About Professional Roof Repair & Roof Replacement Kenilworth

Having been in the roofing business for many years, we have been asked the same general questions about roofing many times. Our roofing company Kenilworth has gathered them here to form a list of some of the most frequently asked questions so that you can find solutions fast. If you are looking for ‘roofing companies near me in Kenilworth’ – choose us. We promise we will not let you down!

When should I have roof replacement Kenilworth done?

Usually, commercial roofing and residential roofing requires replacement after roughly 20 to 25-years. If you think your roof might have issues, call our professional roofers nearby Kenilworth to have a look.

What is the best type of roof by our roofing company nearby Kenilworth?

The most common types of new roof replacement Kenilworth include asphalt shingles and metal roofing. Shingles would be the most affordable option of the two. But for a more modern roof that looks unique and is made to last, metal roofing is the best choice. Our roofing contractors Kenilworth area can help you decide and give you a professional roof installation.

How long can I expect my roof replacement Kenilworth to take?

The time involved in a roof replacement Kenilworth project would depend on a few things, including the building size, the roofing material used, and the roofing company that you get to do the work. Commercial roofing and large residential roofing in Kenilworth might take longer to complete. We have roofers who work as quickly and as safely as possible to limit the intrusion on your daily life.

How long roofs last according to our roofers Kenilworth?

When your roof reaches about the age of 20-years, it could be time to contact our roofing company Kenilworth for a free estimate. The homeowners that are proactive with their regular roof inspections can better plan for any necessary roof replacement or roof repair. As your roof’s lifespan depends on the roofing material used, each case is different.

Our Roofers Kenilworth Latest Commercial Roofing Projects

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Cherry Valley Condo Association
Elgin Country Club
Deli Fiesta Market Streamwood, IL
Lincoln Inn Banquets, Batavia, IL
Young Achiever's Learning Center Franklin Park, IL
Homeowners Association Palos Hills, IL
Project Schiller Park, IL

Why Hire Our Professional Roofing Company Kenilworth Instead of DIY

Our Roofing contractors Kenilworth answer!

Your roof is critically important to your building, whether it’s your home or your business structure. It protects everything beneath and on the inside, which includes you and your belongings. Leaving your roof repair in the hands of our professional roofers Kenilworth will guarantee a safe and effective resolution to your roof repair.

Experience Matters

When you hire our exceptional roofing company Kenilworth, you are trusting in our great skills gained from years of experience. That’s how we ensure the job is handled right the first time. Our professional roofing contractors have many years of experience to bring you the best possible services, like roof replacement and roof repair. We know how to do it all.


We have professional roofing contractors Kenilworth who are bonded and insured for your peace of mind. You can count on our roofers to arrive with the proper safety equipment and the training needed to complete all the work with safety to them, to you, and to your property in mind. It’s what you can reliably count on from our professional roofing company nearby Kenilworth.

Peace of Mind

Your roof repair or roof replacement Kenilworth qualifies as a major home improvement. Any time you work on your home, it can be stress-inducting, especially when handling it all yourself. But by hiring our experienced roofing company, you can have licensed roofers taking care of it all the right way for your total peace of mind.

Why choose Our Roofing Company Kenilworth & Other Suburbs

How We Stay Ahead Other Roofing Companies Kenilworth

Your property, whether it’s your home or your business, is a major investment, so it’s extremely important to look after your roofing the right way to protect the building. When you have a problem with your roof, get the help you need from an honest and reliable roofing company. In locating roofing companies Kenilworth, you want the best. Our roofing company Kenilworth has been at the top of the roofing industry for years with the finest roofing available. It is the experience and skills of our roofing contractors Kenilworth that make all the difference, as we combine old building principles, today’s systems, and ongoing self-improvement all coming together for the best roofing on the market. Whether you need commercial roofing or residential roofing, you can count on the finest products possible. And our roofing contractors are extremely thorough in determining exactly what the problem is with your roof, saving you time and money in arranging for an unneeded roof repair or roof replacement Kenilworth. That’s what allows our roofing contractors to meet our best practices and standards, as we inspect every detail of your roof before we begin, during the job, and when the work is finished. We’ll operate efficiently to effectively deliver fast results with unmatched quality. As experienced roofing contractors Kenilworth, we are here to help with anything from minor roof repairs to major roof replacement. And we’ll help you choose the right roof materials for your specific needs. Call our All Roof Inc., the roofing company in Kenilworth for the greatest in residential roofing and commercial roofing expertise.

Residential Roof Roofing Contractors Kenilworth

The Most Important Part of Your Home. Maintain Its Strong Structure With Our Roof Repair & Roof Replacement Kenilworth Services

Many property owners don’t think about their roofing very often, even though it is incredibly important for the protection of any building. It’s imperative to take excellent care of your roof. You may need a small roof repair Kenilworth or a massive roof replacement, but in either case, we are the roofing company you can call. Our expert roofing contractors Kenilworth can help with anything from leaks to cracked roof shingles to damaged wood, holes, and more. Our experience has given us the knowledge and skills over the years to provide the roofing expertise you need and the service you expect.

From the common to the interesting, whatever type of roof your building supports, or the kind of roofing material you need, our roofing company Kenilworth can handle it. We have a great selection of materials, designs, and colors to choose from for the perfect residential roofing or commercial roofing. Call in the experts today and tell us what your roofing needs might be. You’ll receive the greatest customer service as we complete our complimentary roof assessment and provide you with a free estimate. All Roof Inc. is all about transparency, honesty, and integrity, so you can believe in our experts and our ability to handle your roofing needs.

Detailed Roof Inspection Conducted by Your Local Roofers Kenilworth
Our Roofing Contractors are the Roofing Experts You Need

When it comes to our roofing contractors Kenilworth, you can bet we’re ready to handle your roofing issue.

Trust our team to provide a complete roof replacement Kenilworth for a new roof that lasts or a roof repair that can give you a little more time with your existing roof. When you contact our residential and commercial roofing company, you are calling for a top-quality roofing product and the exceptional service to match. Our highly experienced team of amazing roofing contractors Kenilworth can walk you through the process with total honesty and sincerity. For all residential, industrial, or commercial roofing, rely on All Roof Inc.
Be part of our mission which ensures that everyone has access to the best professional roofing contractors Kenilworth at a great price. As our customer, you receive our total commitment to professionalism and the ultimate in workmanship. Every decision made and action taken for roof repair or roof replacement Kenilworth is with our customers’ best outcomes in mind. The relationships we develop with our customers are the most important aspects of our work as the top roofing company Kenilworth.


Frequently scheduled roof inspections can easily reveal the damage you may not even know you have on your roof before it becomes a huge problem. It is more cost-effective to find problems on the roof via a roof inspection and follow it up with the appropriate roof repair Kenilworth than it is to leave it until it’s too late. Your roof can last that much longer too. With damage prevention, our roofing contractors Kenilworth limit the time, effort, and money you might spend on roof repairs later on. And with the added benefit of extending the life of your roof, our professional roofers Kenilworth can postpone your need for more expensive roof repairs, or even a roof replacement in the near future.
You will be provided with a comprehensive roof inspection, complete with a report that outlines all the problems found, along with the photo images to show it, and an estimate so you know what to expect from your roof repair Kenilworth. Your roof inspection will make everything clear, giving you some peace of mind as you gain an understanding of the work entailed and the cost of your roof repairs. And you will receive all the necessary supporting documentation that you can provide to your insurance company.
Our detailed roof inspection by qualified and certified roofing contractors Kenilworth is set to save you time and money in both the near-term and down the road. Put your trust in All Roof Inc., a professional roofing company, for your roof inspection and any roof repairs that will once again give you the solid roof you need.

Our Roof Replacement Kenilworth Process

Contact us

Enjoy our complete and undivided attention when you get us on the phone, so that we can fully understand every detail about your roofing issue. Our roofing company in Kenilworth will schedule a convenient appointment for our estimator to visit your property. We can become better acquainted and gather all the information we need from our initial roof inspection.


Our professional estimator will perform a complete roof inspection to determine what work is necessary. This is a critical part of the process that will give us insight as to the status of your roof. Whatever we find on your roof will be addressed at the time we present your estimate. The inspection allows us to develop a plan that ensures everything is handled appropriately to fix any issues, whether that’s a roof repair or a roof replacement in Kenilworth.


Many people lack a full understanding of roofing, so it is our job to outline all our findings and provide your options. Upon completion of our roof inspection, we will advise you of everything we find, backed up by images and our best recommendations in a detailed estimate. As the leader of the roofing companies in Kenilworth, we’ll give you all the facts you need to make the right decision about your property.


Once the estimate has been made clear, you can choose a date for the work to begin. Our roofing contractors in Kenilworth will arrive according to the time that’s convenient for you to take care of everything from simple roof repairs to outright roof removal and roof replacement. No matter what work you need to have done, our approach remains unchanged. That means a professional job with a friendly and respectful pride in all that we do.

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