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At AllRoofs Inc, we serve both commercial roofing and residential roofing in the Lake Forest area. Your search for a reputable company in the area will be over once you hire us! We take pride in being the top choice among all roofing companies around Lake Forest and surrounding suburbs!

Over the last 20 years, our company has been protecting residential and commercial properties in the area with our stylish and sustainable roofing systems. By purchasing our expert roofing products and services, you can enjoy a 100% deductible roofing system that is not only environmentally friendly but will also reduce your energy costs by as much as 30%. Trust that we provide nothing but premium quality service at reasonable rates.

Our affordable roofing in Lake Forest would not be possible without the brilliant roofing solution idea of our company owner. In 1994, AllRoofs Inc. was officially introduced in the market and ever since has provided clients with the right roofing for their properties. Having decades of experience in the industry has enabled us to become the best at what we do.

To serve you the best possible roofing service you deserve, we use top quality materials that give your home or business the security and protection it needs. You can depend on our innovative products and services for your convenience, comfort, and worry free energy consumption. With every roof repair or metal roof installation we perform in Lake Forest, we always strive to leave our clients highly satisfied and with peace of mind. Enjoy great savings on our services!

AllRoofs Inc. trains all hired roofing contractors thoroughly to perform work at par with company standards. As a leading roofing company in the area, rest assured we are equipped with the latest knowledge to provide you a premium class roofing system. With years of experience and a wide range of roofing projects behind us, you can trust us to deliver excellent roof replacement, repair, or installation services. Reach out to us anytime!

When it’s immediate assistance you need from a professional roofing company in Lake Forest, we can be there to handle your emergency situation and deal with any roof damage. Situations like strong winds and major hail can occur without warning, resulting in serious damage to your roof. For a fast response to provide quality roof repairs, call the emergency hotline of our roofing company in Lake Forest at (866) 205-8833 and we’ll speak with you about your need for expert roof repairs or our exceptional roof replacement.
We have years of experience, knowledge, and skills to work with all kinds of roofing equipment and a wide variety of quality roofing materials and styles, including metal roofing in Lake Forest. Our roofers in Lake Forest can handle any roofing situation with fast and decisive action that will make your roof right again. Since trouble often provides no warning, our special team of roofing contractors in Lake Forest is prepared with a wide range of services for commercial roofing and residential roofing. Lake Forest trusts in us for the most reliable emergency roofing services that repair the damage to save you headaches, time, and money.

AllRoofs Inc. Roofing Company – Local, trusted and experienced roofing contractors in Lake Forest

OUR SERVICES – Roof Repair, Roof Replacement, Metal Roofing and more!

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Commercial Roofing

Let us help you process your business smoothly by taking care of the roofing solution for your property. Our advanced roofing system in Lake Forest is built with an environmentally friendly finish for sustainable and dependable use. This can also reduce your energy bills significantly and help you allocate business funds strategically. Choose us today!

Residential Roofing

For your residential roofing in Lake Forest, allow our roofers in the Lake Forest area to select and install the right roof for your property. We provide complete protection for you and your loved ones over any occasion. Rest assured our materials are made with a premium grade for your long lasting use.


Roof Repairs

AllRoofs Inc. can take care of your roof repair needs in Lake Forest and nearby suburbs. Trust our services to prevent damages from getting worse. We will leave your roof in excellent condition. Contact us immediately for any signs of damage to your roof.

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Aside from our roofing services, we also provide window installation and repair in Lake Forest to keep your windows in top notch condition. We cater to residential and commercial properties for your convenience. Trust our seasoned window specialists to deliver precise results within an efficient time frame. We use a wide range of quality materials for an exact fit and a durable finish.

Metal Roofing

Our metal roofing is popular among our clients in Lake Forest. This material can give you lasting protection throughout all seasons for years and reduce your energy cost through sustainable means. Call our contractors for the metal roof installation on your best available day. We also perform maintenance for your peace of mind.

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Gutters play a significant role in ensuring that your property is safe from water damages no matter the weather condition. Our high quality residential gutter system has proven to secure homes with durable and top notch materials. Enjoy the rainy season minus the leaks. Get in touch with our local roofers from Lake Forest today!

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Storm Damage Roof Repair

Storms can bring havoc to any property, whether residential or commercial. At AllRoofs Inc, we cover services involving hail damage roof and storm damage roof repair. Leave all the work to our roofing contractors and trust them to restore the strong former state of your roofing. For a storm damage roofing company in the area, trust only AllRoofs Inc.!


Having your siding under constant exposure to extreme weather conditions will most likely damage it faster than anticipated. At AllRoofs Inc., we prevent your siding from getting damaged or repair the damage that has already occurred with our expert services. We use high quality materials to attain the best results possible.

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Commonly Asked Roofing Questions Answered
Professional Roof Repair & Replacement Lake Forest

Over our years of service in the industry, clients have asked us the same questions concerning their roofing. As a trusted roofing company in Lake Forest, we compiled all these commonly asked questions and provided concise answers for each. Learn more about them below.

How can you tell if your roof needs to be replaced?

Roofings are ideally replaced every 20 to 25 years, less if completely damaged from a severe weather condition. If you spot any signs of damage on your residential roofing or commercial roofing, give us a call at AllRoofs Inc. and we will do a professional inspection.

What is the best type of roof?

The perfect roofing for your property depends on the structure size and the purpose of the property. If you are looking for affordable roofing, our asphalt shingles are your best choice. Meanwhile, our metal roofing is perfect for that contemporary touch either for residential or commercial properties. Get in touch with our metal roofing contractors in Lake Forest to know your options.

How long does it take to replace a roof?

In general, the bigger your property, the longer the roof replacement work takes. Some factors also come to play such as roofing type, building size, and the roofing company performing the work. For efficient service, give us a call at AllRoofs Inc., and our local roofers in Lake Forest will take care of your needs.

How long do roofs last?

Roofs last until its 20th or 25th year. Around this time, it is best to call your local roofers in Lake Forest and have them perform a professional inspection for the best remedy your roof needs. Whether you need a repair or replacement, AllRoofs Inc. can do an excellent job. Call us!

Why You Should Hire Our Professional Roofing Contractors & Roofing Services Lake Forest Instead of Doing it Yourself

The roofing is your number one protection against strong weather conditions. At the same time, it protects your valuables and your loved ones. Our company provides roofing services in Lake Forest excellently that you would not have to do anything yourself. The following are reasons to hire us among other commercial roofing companies in Lake Forest.

Experience Matters

When it comes to professional work, experience matters. At AllRoofs Inc., we prove our expertise in the field with our decades of experience behind us. To hire us means to have the assurance that you will get excellent results once we are done with the work. Our local roofers in Lake Forest will not fail you. Give us a call today!


We have a selection of insured and bonded roofing contractors in our Lake Forest team that can accommodate your roofing needs with utmost safety. We are equipped with all the safety gear and equipment necessary to process the work in the most flawless way possible. Rest assured we will get everything done on time with clean, precise results. 

Peace of Mind

Finish your home improvement project with our advanced roofing dedicated to Lake Forest properties. Leave it to our roofers in the local area to take away your stress and anxiety involving all roofing concerns. Instead of doing the work yourself, hire our expert roofing contractors and watch them do their magic! We offer affordable roofing for your purchasing convenience.

Our Latest Roofing Projects

Why Choose Our Roofing Company in Lake Forest & Other Suburbs

We value your property whether you are using it for home or business use, so we intend to keep it in its best form with our premium roofing services for whichever type of roofing you have. At any sight of a problem with your roof, you can rely on our honest and professional services. When looking for a trusted roofing company in Lake Forest, we strive to be the best at what we do. We have brilliant roofing contractors in our team who are equipped with the knowledge, experience, and skills you want to see when in dire need of a roof repair or roof replacement around Lake Forest. We are extremely dedicated to our craft. To improve our services even further, we invest in high quality technology and combine them with tried and tested building principles that will give you rock solid results. Whether you have a commercial roofing or residential roofing waiting for us, our quality materials can keep your entire property protected. With our roofing company in Lake Forest to serve you, you can save money, time, and energy. Our roofing system is highly sustainable to help you reduce your power costs and keep a comfortable environment inside your home or business space. To assure you of our quality services, we begin the work with a thorough inspection. We work with the utmost precision to complete the construction on time whether we are working on a roof repair, metal roofing installation, or roof replacement. Our local roofers in Lake Forest are thoroughly trained to work promptly and deliver quality results. Our services are unparalleled in the local area. As experts in the field, we can work on small or large roofing projects, with simple or complex requirements. We are here to guide you in selecting the right roofing for your property. We make the process simple for your convenience. For professional assistance, give us a call at AllRoofs Inc. and we will prepare everything right away.

Our Roofing Process – High Quality Roofing Repair & Roofing Services Lake Forest

Contact us

Kindly give us a call and discuss your roofing situation with us. Rest assured that we will give our full attention and cover the basic questions so we can proceed with the next step as smoothly as possible. Once we have identified the main problem, we will get in touch with our local roofers in Lake Forest and set an appointment for the inspection per your requested day.


As scheduled, our estimators will arrive at your property and perform a comprehensive inspection to assess the condition of your roofing and advise the best solution. This important step in the process will help our roofing contractors in Lake Forest get ahold of potential damages before they occur and catch any existing issues before they worsen. Whether your property needs a roof repair or roof replacement, expect our local roofers to achieve an excellent finish.


Upon a detailed inspection of your roofing, our contractors will discuss the estimate with you. We will also discuss your viable options and you can choose depending on your preference. Trust that our local roofers in Lake Forest have everything that it takes to restore your roofing in its former beautiful state. For the best among all other roofing companies around Lake Forest, choose our services!


Once you have accepted our quote for the project, our expert roofing contractors can begin the work on the agreed date. With careful training, you can rest assured our contractors can deliver the results you need for your roofing, whether residential or commercial. Our expertise expands from minor to major, simple to intricate to help you achieve the best roofing solution for your long term protection, safety, and comfort. With our approachable demeanor, we can create an easy going atmosphere that makes the work flow easier for everyone.

Roof – The Most Important Part of Your Home. Take Care of It With Our Roof Repair & Roof Replacement Experts Lake Forest

The roof can protect you in a lot of ways on different occasions, which is why it deserves the best treatment possible whether for repair or maintenance. At AllRoofs Inc., we provide all roofing services every property in Lake Forest may need. Whether you are experiencing leaks, cracked shingles, damaged wood, holes, or other issues on your roofing, our roofing contractors from Lake Forest have the expertise to repair and restore your roofing into its best shape ever.

Our contractors can work with different kinds of roofing without a hitch. We use the highest quality of materials we can find to fulfill the work your roof needs. With a wide selection of materials, designs, and colors, you can either replace your current roofing and spruce up your property or have a small upgrade to repair your damaged roof. Either way, our local roofers in Lake Forest can get the job done with expert skills.

Feel free to discuss your needs with our contractors. You will receive a free estimate and assessment upon consultation. With our honest and professional work, we hope to add value to your home with our premium grade roofing solutions. AllRoofs Inc. is your one stop shop for all your roofing needs. Call us today!

Professional Roof Inspection By Your Local Roofers in Lake Forest
Roofing Contractors & Roofing Experts

When it comes to your roofing needs, we hire only the best local roofers around Lake Forest to serve you. Our services range from roof repair to roof replacement to roof installation. We can help you select the best materials available and achieve everything according to your standards. Our roofers in Lake Forest are highly trained to deliver exceptional results at affordable rates. No project too challenging to handle, our contractors have incredible skills and knowledge for your satisfaction. Have all your questions addressed professionally for your peace of mind. At AllRoofs Inc., we strive to bring you the best experience possible with no less than a skillful team of local roofers from Lake Forest.

If you are looking for advanced yet affordable roofing, sustainable solutions, and world class results, choose AllRoofs Inc.! Let us walk you through the stages of our roofing process and help you understand all the work that goes behind our stylish, strong, and robust roofing systems. Our whole team works with the utmost sincerity, transparency, and professionalism. Trust that we only want the best for your residential roofing or commercial roofing. Feel free to let us know what you loved about our services and how we can further improve for you.

Roof Repair, Roof Inspection & Roof Installation Service In Lake Forest At Its Finest

A routine inspection will allow us to discover damages on your roofing before they become a real problem. As a trusted roofing company in Lake Forest, we advise our clients to reach out to us and have their roofs inspected thoroughly. By doing so, you can avoid costly repairs and major work done. This will also prolong the quality of your roofing so you can be worry free for years ahead. By preventing strong damages from occurring, you can save time, money, and energy. You can avoid a complete roof replacement altogether and have an environmentally friendly roofing solution over your property.
Our roofing contractors in Lake Forest will perform a comprehensive inspection and provide a full report containing images and details of their assessment for your full information. We do this with complete transparency so you can be properly informed of the honest state of your roofing. You may also present this report to your insurance company and see which services can be covered. With a comprehensive inspection report on hand, you can manage your expectations with the potential expenses and look forward to the progress of our work.

As veterans in the field, we believe that a proper inspection will spare you from costly replacements, a string of headaches, and more damages to your roofing. For your freshly built home or business property, you can also refer to us for your roof installation needs. We have professional and certified roofing contractors in Lake Forest to address your every roofing concern. Trust us to deliver our best work yet. Schedule an inspection with us today!

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